Meteor Shower Perseids


The superstition is centuries old, its origin is not completely clear. Worldwide, people see shooting stars as lucky charms. In August, it will rain thousands of heavenly light sparks from the sky. Shooting stars in the sky can be seen from all directions this month. If you still want to see a big wish fulfilled, in the middle of August you should look into the night sky.

Appearance and Visibility

The constellation Perseus is home to the shooting stars. Every year around the 12th of August, the earth crosses the stream of the Perseids, leading to the celestial spectacle. The maximum will be reached in the year 2018 in the night of the 12th to the 13th of August, so that depending on the weather up to 100 shooting stars per hour can be seen. Another name for this meteor shower is "Tears of Laurentius", since August 12 is the name day of St. Laurentius. The event is a meteor stream formed from the decomposition products of comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle in Perseus. The shooting stars reach a speed of 60 kilometers per second, which corresponds to 216,000 km/h. A single extinguished star could circle the Earth five times in sixty minutes.

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