How to name a star

How to name a star

Name a star step by step

Naming a Star for someone is a very special and unique gift. You don’t know how to name a star? This guide will help you step by step to name your own star within 15 minutes.

Choose a Star

First of all, you have to choose which kind of star you would like to name. Don’t worry, we have several options for you – Is it supposed to be a standard or a binary star, or a particular star of a constellation? How bright should it shine; do you want to see your star in the countryside or in a big city? Find out more about our packages.

Name a Star

Here comes the most important part: Give your star a name! It could be any name you like, a real or a fictional one. Choose a symbolic date of the star naming, it can be in the future as well as in the past. Don’t worry, it won’t affect the registration nor the delivery.

Design the present

Choose one of our ten certificates and write a personal dedication for your beloved person. If you’d like, you may add Swarovski pendants in form of a star, which can always be carried around. Also, you’re free to add the frame to hang the certificate on a wall.

Wait with excitement

After you chose a shipping method and paid the registration, you just have to wait until your personal Name a Star Certificate arrives!

Name a Star now!